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Scheffau Am Wilden Kaiser Ski Resort for All Seasons Skiing

Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser ski resort is located in a small Italian village called Scheffau that is situated between two villages namely Ellamau and Soll.
It is the smallest among the three. It is the municipality of Kufstein district of Soillandal in the Austrian region. It has a capacity to host about 1350 people. It is near one of the largest lakes in Austria called Lake Wilder in Kaiser Valley. It consists of 618 individual pistes and about 40 km of trails.

It has the capability of spreading its natural snow on over 210 km ski runs. It has 15 lifts to lift the skiers to the upper part of the slopes. It is able to lift about 135,100 people for every single hour. This helps in doing away with congestion. To reach the piste, it takes just an hour’s drive from Innsbruck airport and Munich airport and maybe two hours for the other two airports near the resort.

The Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser ski resort is famous for its ability of holding the artificial snow for long times. The artificial snow is said to be able to cover about 120 km of ski runs. This makes it a darling to many because even in the off snow seasons, they are able to offer skiing and other snow activities.

It has a day care centre for the families with young kids who are too young to be taught skiing. It has one of the best skiing schools in the entire surrounding area. This is made perfect by the fact that there are suitable terrains for beginners, and the qualified trainers employed ensure that the learning is fun.

There are areas four for categories of skiers. The beginners have their nursery slopes near Ubungwiese or the village of the gondola. They can access this area by the use of cable cars or the free transportation bus available. The intermediate skiers use the area beyond ski welt and the slopes at the local Brandstadl Mountain. The advanced skiers have 20 km trails of red runs. The free skiers have the rest sharp slopes all by themselves. One of the most challenging slopes is called local Moderer run. It is usually tough after the mogul is left for a long period without skiing activities on it.

The Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser ski resort has hotels that offer accommodation and the necessities services to the guests. In addition, there are bars and other leisure that make the night life fun. Several attractions located here. There are a church and other traditional buildings that were built using Tyrolean chalet-designs. Their white wash color symbolizes the many years they have stood at that ground.


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